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Increase retention by hiring right the first time

Do you want to reduce the cost of hiring? Need your hiring managers to take the interview process more seriously? Need a solution to reduce turnover and boost morale? Paramount Potentials is here to help you make this happen!

Since 1993, Paramount Potentials has partnered with a variety of industries, such as: government, healthcare, utilities, finance/insurance, manufacturing, retail, and social services to facilitate the advancement of individual and organizational capabilities. We have been successful in working with employees at all levels of the organization to develop the skills and structures necessary to move organizations forward.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are just starting to explore, we'll collaborate with you to easily transition PXT Select™ into your selection process. PXT Select™ actually speeds up your hiring process, teaches your managers how to interview based on the right competencies, and reduces turnover. If you'd like to hear how satisfied our customers are with our services, we'd be happy to share our references with you.

Testimonials For Paramount Potentials

  • Dissatisfied with our previous hiring assessment, Paramount Potentials introduced us to the PXT which cost less, has no additional charge for the 11 different reports, plus my managers are re-engaged in the hiring process and actually value the information in the PXT report! Our testing utilization is cut in half with retention up &turnover down!

    Kimberly Remmert, V.P. Human Resources Pekin Insurance
  • Maui Jim is proud to partner with Paramount Potentials for employee development and pre-employment stesting. The pre-employment skill set testing is a valuable resource in Maui Jim’s recruiting process for high profile positions.

    Jill Hanning, Sr. Director Human Resources Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • The PXTS has been a very useful addition to our department’s interview and hiring process. The customized criteria allowed us to effectively identify candidates with the greatest likelihood of being a successful match for the position. The suggested interview questions based on the profile results allow us to be more focused in the interview.

    Sue reitz, V.P. & Chief Actuary Illinois Mutual Insurance


  • PXTS Goes Beyond Hiring

    We’ve been working with a client in the insurance industry for about four years now. It all started when they were dissatisfied with their previous applicant testing service. So we introduced them to the PXT assessment which tests candidates in three areas: Thinking Style, Behavioral Style, and Career Interests.

    Starting the PXT Assessment Process

    First, we start by delivering training to the recruiters who administer the testing site. The recruiters’ role in the applicant testing process is to a) contact Paramount Potentials to let us know when a new pattern needs to be created for an open position, b) send applicants the assessment invitation email, and c) send hiring managers the PXT Candidate report.

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  • PXTS Strengthens Succession Planning

    Using the PXT Select Assessment to Strengthen Your Succession Planning Program

    The PXT Select assessment is a lifecycle assessment tool that starts with the Comprehensive Selection Report. Once a new hire meets your “probationary period” and you’re certain he or she is a “keeper,” then you can utilize the Coaching and Individual report to have a dialogue around how to work most effectively together. When you’re ready to discuss career development moves with an employee, there are other reports to support you in this endeavor.

    But, the PXT Select doesn’t always enter into a company as a hiring/life-cycle tool for an employee. At others times, the tool has been used to support a Succession Planning process. Let me share one example of how this occurred at one of our client sites. To protect the client’s privacy, we’ll call the company XYZ.

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  • Millennials: Creating a Multi-generational Culture

    People are working longer – in years. The good news? Our baby-boomers are living longer and are by far the most health conscious generation! The bad news? Pension is nearly non-existent, benefits are going up, thus retirement ages are also going up. Meanwhile, did you know that a child born in the U.S. today has more than a 50% chance of living to be at least 105? Or that a 20-year-old has a 50% chance of living beyond 100? This means our business cultures have to engage all generations in the workforce for a longer duration than ever before.

    Key to all generations is the need to work together productively and be respected for our values and experiences. All generations want to remain engaged in their work by having the opportunity to continue to grow, develop, and be successful in assigned endeavors.

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