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Creating cohesive teams through analysis, understanding and inspiration!

Patriot Coaching has developed targeted services in order to assist your company with four quadrants: HIRE, COMMUNICATE, TRANSFORM and PROMOTE. The key for any successful organization.

Our Approach

Patriot Coaching, LLC provides life cycle management for organizations by providing hiring tools, along with team building and team assessment services. We help clients take candidates all the way from the selection process through the tenure of the employee at an organization. Our motto is: “Hire the right employee, reduce turnover and promote from within.” Additionally, Patriot Coaching offers team building / leadership workshops, which identifies personality styles and how to effectively communicate with one another; eventually leading to a more a cohesive and productive team. By providing this life cycle management program, the service boosts employee morale, and inherently increases communication, providing for a better more productive workplace.

Our Story

Patriot Coaching started with the mission to get people communicating better and more effectively. Upon realizing that companies were having more and more issues retaining employees, PC determined there must be a way to create a model that addressed individual needs in order to assist the company. This led to the PC Model. The model addresses the employee life cycle, along with growing the employee, the teams, and giving the opportunity for promotion.


  • Hiring essentials for HR Professionals

    Patriot Coaching has developed a model to assist companies follow their employee's life cycle within their organization. The Model Outlines four key requirements for an employee's morale at an organization:

    How do you find the right employee to fit into your company?
    How do you find the right employee to fit into your culture?

    COACH – help employees improve their job performance
    MANAGE - help managers improve their management skills and practices
    MOTIVATE – find the keys that unlock the motivational power that lies within every individual.

    Discover what it takes to become a truly cohesive and productive team
    Trust One Another
    Engage in Productive Conflict
    Commit to Decisions
    Hold One another Accountable
    Focus on Achieving Collective Results

    Why lose valuable employees?
    Help current employees identify their challenges and improve job performance

Featured Skills

  • Candidate Selection
  • Organizational Development
  • Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Screening and Selection
  • Leadership Develotpment


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