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Dan Weber CEO/Executive Coach

Peak Pathways, L.L.C. provides creative customized solutions to individuals and organizations to help them reach their goals. Using a holistic approach focused on sustainable results we help clients assess, control, reverse, and prevent the causes of low performance. Working with leaders and their staffs, at group and one to one meetings, we help them find their way to the top with self-awareness, knowledge, skills and support. The objectives are to develop self-sustainable practices that enable everyone to continue to thrive.

The focus of our work is on the leader with services in four key areas:

•Leadership/Executive Coaching helps leaders to personally grow in areas important to business results.
•Career Transition Coaching emphasizes accelerating success for leaders facing new roles and responsibilities.
•Team Coaching is working with staff members at various levels to reach new heights of productivity and personal satisfaction.
•Team Selection & Development creates strategic plans and routines to hire and develop the right person for every job.


  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

    An organization cannot grow any faster than the people in it grow. The comfort zone is the failure zone for any business or individual. The personal and professional growth of the leader is especially critical. No one can honestly coach themselves which is why the most successful leaders in all fields engage a professional coach at some point in their career. Many work with a coach through critical business and career transitions while many others stay connected with their coach on an ongoing basis.

    With a coach you can gain new perspectives and insights about yourself, your team and your organization. A Leadership Coach provides a unique blend of safety and challenge. Safety is in the form of empathic understanding and encouragement to look inward to reflect on personal values and purpose then reconcile them to the outward circumstances and organizational requirements. Challenge is in the form of direct feedback and holding you accountable to focus on your goals.

  • Career Transition Coaching

    The Peak Pathways Career Transition Coaching program is available to individuals as well as organizations to support executives as they transition into new leadership responsibilities as a result of promotion within their current organization or being hired with a new employer. The program begins with an individual consultation to establish a frame work of the key issues to be anticipated in the transition.

    The hallmark of the program is the one on one executive coaching during the first few months on the job. This is a customized approach of partnering with the leader based on a personal plan to successfully step up into the new responsibilities and make positive contributions to the organization as quickly as possible while at the same time laying a solid foundation for long term success. The executive will identify specific needs and work with the leadership transition coach to set the goals as well as the length and frequency of coaching meetings.

  • Team Coaching

    Changing long established behaviors of one person is a challenge.. Changing behaviors of an entire organization can be overwhelming. It takes planning and constant dedication to champion a new organizational culture. Team Coaching is designed to support the leader in making lasting change in team culture by focusing on communication, interpersonal behaviors, and team performance in order to deliver tangible results to the organization.

    Mutual trust, communication and dedication to results are the fundamental characteristics of any winning team. When every employee feels they are an important contributing member of that winning team, amazing results are achieved. However, this can only happen if every team member fits their job and their leader is dedicated to helping each person grow in their role. The Team Coaching process used by Peak Pathways L.L.C. elevates the group and individual perspectives to see their own roles and collective situation from new vantage points.

  • Team Selection And Development

    The basic role of any leader is to develop a cohesive group of people who can interact and perform together to successfully accomplish their common objective. Creating this type of engaged workforce in a business setting requires two equally important components: skilled leadership and individual employees who are a great fit for their job. Consequently the major responsibility of every leader is to establish and follow a consistent and reliable process for hiring, developing and retaining employees.

    Peak Pathways L.L.C. is a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner. We proudly offer these products to assist our clients in developing and growing their organizations’ workforce development strategies. The products when used as intended can help improve productivity; increase sales; reduce turnover; minimize workplace theft; make managers more effective; hire the right people; as well as motivate and develop current employees.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Numerous studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a key determinant of career success at all levels and especially in leadership positions. Studies have also demonstrated that EQ can be improved with focused coaching and dedicated practice. Leaders who want to increase self awareness and improve their managerial effectiveness find significant value in understanding the EQ areas they are strongest and lowest in. Working with their coach, they create personal strategies to develop skills in areas that are low.

    Peak Pathways uses the EQ-i 2.0™ through MHS Assessments, a leading psychological test publishing company.