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Mike McCormack, Founder and President

PeopleRight specializes in helping companies that have multiple locations performing the same functions, or companies that have a lot of people in a critical or key role. We have had great success working with companies at the top of their industry, or companies that want to get to the top. We have found that it is not the companies who SAY that their employees are their greatest asset, but the companies who ACT LIKE their employees are their greatest asset is where the magic happens.

By knowing what to measure, how to measure it, and how to analyze it, we have helped companies double (and sometimes triple) their odds of hiring top performing employees.

Our client list includes two Fortune 300 companies and one of the Top 20 Privately Held Companies to Work for in America. We have clients with over 100 locations, and have worked with Sales teams with over 150 Salespeople.

Prior to starting PeopleRight, Mike spent over 20 years in IT consulting roles where led business transformation projects that were extremely successful, and worked in others that showed marginal returns. In almost every case, the common denominator that determined success or failure boiled down to having the right people in the right place at the right time.

It was through this series of experiences that he realized there must be a better way for companies to create better job match opportunities for their employees – for the benefit of both the individual employees and the company.

He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a MBA from Texas A&M University. He has learned the best way to help companies is to help senior leaders improve their company's performance by providing objective information that helps them improve the human equation.

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Testimonials For PeopleRight

  • I’m so glad I did the assessment and had (my candidate) do it as well. I knew what questions to ask today at lunch. Without the assessment and talking with you I would have been less prepared and asked the wrong questions.

    Lisa Kendall, Kendall Farms
  • I highly recommend Mike’s service to anyone who is trying to improve the performance of their team, or better understand how to manage toward a goal (by the way, isn’t that all of us?!?)

    Colin Sandberg, President and CEO, United Supply
  • I have literally hired thousands of Salespeople over the course of my career and used many different tools in the hiring process. The tools and processes that Symon now uses from PeopleRight work far better than anything else I have ever used for predicting the performance of Salespeople.

    Charles Ansley, President and CEO (Retired)
  • We are so pleased with PeopleRight’s tools and Mike’s support that we have profiled our managers and senior-level employees. We have been able to use the insight available from the results to improve cross-level communications and for team building exercises.

    Kathy Mayeux, Operations Director, State Tax Advisors


  • Improve Your Hiring Results with the PXT Select

    This all-in-one tool can help your company address its challenges around the human equation in nine different ways


    Improve Job Fit Using Whole-person Tools
  • The Ultimate Student Success Process

    For young adults (starting with high school students) who want to maximize their chances for a successful career. We leverage the tools that successful companies use to select top performing employees to show students how they might best spend their time (and money) in college to prepare for a successful career.


    Matching Students to Career Options
  • New Manager Orientation

    Taking new managers 'behind the curtain' and showing them how to best leverage employee and candidate information to maximize performance and productivity on their team.

  • Decrease the Cost of Bad Hires

    No one likes to make bad hires. Yet almost everyone has! And while no one can help you totally eliminate hiring mistakes, reducing the number of times it happens in the future can make huge impact on your company's bottom line.

    Before I made a presentation to all of her HR professionals, a VP of HR recently told me that she didn't care if I told them how much my services cost - because we were saving the company so much money by reducing the number of bad hires that she didn't care how much her people used us!

    And this was in a company whose cost of a bad hire was about $6,000. For most companies it is much higher than that.

  • Leadership Development

    All companies want to have better leaders. All good leaders want to be better leaders (or you should be trying to move them out of leadership roles). The real trick is in how to improve leadership skills.

    The first thing to do is think of Leadership Development as a process and not an event. An event is something that happens once and then it is done. Like taking a one-time 360 assessment and then declaring that you have addressed the leadership challenges in your company.

    A process is a series of tasks and events that lead to a desired outcome. A solid leadership development process includes:
    * Measuring how the leader is viewed by themselves and others
    * Measuring how these individuals are individually wired (to see if individual differences may be accounting for how they were scored)
    * Creating a plan to address developmental areas
    * Asking the respondents to play a part in developing that plan (optional)
    * Conducting a follow-up 360 to measure the progress against the