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Robin Eichert, Founder of PeopleSense Consulting

Robin Eichert, founder of PeopleSense Consulting, combines 30+ years of business management experience with a passion for making people successful in the workplace. She has held senior management roles in publishing, educational, high-tech, and manufacturing industries and understands the people issues that plague businesses. She holds a B.S. in Communications from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Organizational Management from University of Phoenix Online.

Since founding her consulting practice in 2001, she has worked alongside leaders in hundreds of organizations to help managers and employees build healthy workplace relationships. She has earned a Founder’s Club distinction for sales volume and prides herself in the knowledge of the sophisticated assessment tools she uses. She enjoys working alongside managers to fully understand the depth of the data, which in turn provides management success at all levels of the organization.

Robin is active in her community, serving in many capacities for several non-profit organizations, including the Monadnock Humane Society, Monadnock United Way, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. She had been a past president of the Monadnock Rotary Club as well as past Assistant District Governor for Rotary District 7870. In addition, she has served on the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Assembly of Overseers, past Trustee of Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough, NH, and is a 2007 graduate of Leadership New Hampshire.

She writes a popular blog called Graceful Leadership, based on dog-inspired lessons to help managers in their roles. You can find more about Robin and her services at

Testimonials For PeopleSense Consulting

  • You have helped us substantially improve our ability to manage our human resources. Our original objective was to make better hiring decisions. However, we have found the insight provided by PeopleSense and the ProfileXT provides equally as much value in helping us to better understand and manage our employees day-in and day-out.

    Mark Kimble SEPA
  • I was just singing your praises. The PXT assessment is not only a great interviewing tool, but a truly helpful management tool. It highlights the best training atmosphere for a new employee to succeed!

    Noranne Sharov, CIC Operations Manager, Tri-State Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • After spending many years utilizing other testing companies, we now use PeopleSense Consulting. We have been able to identify and test for the key traits of successful salespeople in our business and with Robin's ongoing support our revenues grew 30% last year.

    Thomas A. Barrett President, SIAA MidAmerica, Inc.
  • Working with Robin through the hiring and orientation process has been extremely insightful. The PXT assessment helped me to identify and hire a critical team member with confidence. It’s been invaluable information!

    Michelle Veasey Executive Director, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility
  • Robin has helped us to understand how to work more effectively together by focusing on our complementary strengths. The results have been tremendous and valued highly by everyone in our organization.

    Jim Callihan Co-founder,


  • Hiring Support

    If you want to avoid costly hiring mistakes, we can help. We give you information that allows you to understand how the person will really behave once they start on the job. You uncover these types of behaviors:

    Will he work independently or be a team player?
    Is he a big-picture person will he focus on the nitty-gritty details?
    Is she prone to follow established procedures or prefer to ‘wing it’ all the time?
    Will she stand at the water cooler socializing with co-workers be content working in a cubicle or remote working environment?
    Implementing assessments into your hiring process will give you the information you need to make informed decisions. That will eliminate those surprise situations when you find out you hired someone different than you interviewed!

    Looking for self-guided support about the selection process? You’ll find videos in my Learning Resource Center that review the “Ten Essential Steps for Hiring Right." Details at

  • Job-Fit Services

    When you engage a person's head and heart in their work, you can achieve job-fit. This improves performance, retention and overall job satisfaction. It also reduces turnover, mistakes, and bad morale. The PXT Select™ will allow us to understand the natural style and traits needed for the position and how a person fits. From there, we help you create a plan based on objective data to address performance.

  • Improve Employee Performance

    If you have an employee who is struggling in their role, we can help. The PXT Select™ will allow us to understand the natural style and traits needed for the position and how a person fits. That helps us create a plan based on objective data to address performance, including reducing stress and job satisfaction for the employee!

  • Management Development

    With the PXT Select™ assessment results, managers gain an understanding of each employee's natural work style. The extensive reporting provides details suggestions for how to work best with each person. There is also a report to compare the employee with the manager which provides insight to where there are similarities and differences and how to constructively improve the working relationship.

  • Personal Development

    Becoming aware of your own natural leadership style is the first step to having exceptional leadership skills. The PXT Select™ assessment measures 20 areas to help an individual development keen appreciation for their approach and how to work well with others who may have an opposing style.