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Simple. Smart. Human.

We help your business find, hire, keep, and grow great people though the use of proven, powerful, easy-to-use systems and tools.

We help you spend less time finding great people. Then we help you be much smarter about these people: How they think, how they will behave, what their real interests are, and how they will fit and perform in your business. We help you discover things that are impossible to learn from resumes or interviews alone.

Our mission is to make your business more profitable and less stressful.
Our Tools Work…Let Us Prove It.

We offer no-risk trials, demonstrations, and validations with your own employees, in your unique business, with money-back guarantees that you will achieve the results that will make your business better.

Put us to the test! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Testimonials For Performance Resources, Inc

  • "We terminated Mary today. Next time I tell you I’m going to hire someone who the model suggests I don’t hire, you’ll need to kick me in the kneecaps!"

    -Michael, Mortgage Company President in Portland, OR
  • "We have set up several job templates which now means placing an ad for an open position is streamlined from 30 to less than 5 minutes. We are able to automatically have the applicant complete the Step One Survey, which has had a huge impact on time savings-- we're not interviewing applicants that don’t meet minimum criteria!

    Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc. Controller/HR Manager
  • "We worked with our representative to develop a Plant Manger Profile; the use of this tool in hiring and development has dramatically improved quality in our Plant Manager hires. Results in a nutshell...terrific! Better quality of hires, improved performance on the job, and improved retention. We are expanding our use of this assessment...

    Doug Bobay Sr. VP of Human Resources, GBW Railcar Services, LLC
  • "Our hiring practices have been totally transformed through use of the online hiring system and Profiles job fit assessments. We have used the Profiles tools as both pre and post hire tools. We have found them useful in making hiring decisions, as well as in coaching and performance management. The data provided is "spot on"!

    Jamie Koenig Human Resources and Administration Manager, Environments Northwest


  • ApplicantPool Online Hiring System and ATS

    Fast, Flexible & Easy to Use - designed specifically for the small to medium size employers
    Affordable - pricing is based on number of employees, not the number of logins.
    No Contract - month-to-month contract, cancel at any time.
    Customized Look & Feel Careers Website - - set up to mimic your corporate website.
    Lightning Fast Setup - we do all the setup, no help needed from your IT department.
    Qualified Candidates - easily set up unlimited job questions to screen, rank, and disqualify candidates.
    Internal Job Board – Let your employees apply on a private job board
    Custom Employment & Internal Application
    Race, Gender & Vet Status (as needed)
    Unlimited Custom Job Templates & Job Screening Questions
    More Applicants - push your jobs: Free and paid job boards, social media, search engines.
    Unlimited User Logins – Administrators or restricted logins based on department

Featured Skills

  • Hiring Optimization; get more & better candidates, select the best to focus your recruiting effort!
  • Select "good employees"--people who show up, work hard, act responsibly, and stay out of trouble!
  • Select people who fit their jobs! They will produce more, stay longer, and be engaged in their work!