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About Us

Founder and Principal Consultant Bob DiAntonio

Since 1997 Priority Performance Group has worked with progressive organizational leaders to help them clarify the vision, values and key strategies for their organization and then turn them into results by helping ensure that the right people, the right culture, the right systems, the right measures and the right work processes are in place.

By combining the best available assessment tools with coaching, targeted training solutions and development and implementation of effective HR systems, client organizations are able to discover and unleash the potential of their people.

Ensuring the right people in the right places starts with a focus on improving hiring and selection. Organizational excellence results from building on this foundation with effective performance management, leadership development, succession planning and work process improvement. Underlying this all must be a culture that encourages teamwork, collaboration, engagement and disciplined problem solving.

We’re passionate about helping client organizations achieve their goals through trusting relationships and value–added solutions.

Our founder Bob DiAntonio brings over 40 years of experience in engineering, maintenance, engineering and manufacturing management, organizational development, and human resource development to his consulting and training solutions.

Bob received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University and a Master of Human Resource Development from Clemson University.

Testimonials For Priority Performance Group

  • Bob has done great consulting work for my company for many years. He provides in-depth and expert services in the areas of employee assessment screening & ongoing development. His insights and knowledge into employee development are top notch and add a lot of value to his services. I would definitely recommend Bob's services.

    Matt Teuteberg President at Teuteberg Incorporated


  • PXT Select™

    PXT Select™ provides organizations with objective data that helps them make smarter hiring and selection decisions. By measuring a candidate's thinking style, behavioral traits and interests, the PXT Select answers 3 critical questions relative to the job being filled:
    1. Can he or she do the job?
    Does a candidate have the right level of cognitive abilities to learn and execute the demands of the job and remain engaged?
    2. How will she or he do the job?
    Will his/her approach be consistent with the organization’s culture and values and with the approach of the hiring manager?
    3. Will he or she do the job long term?
    Does the content of the job match what the candidate enjoys doing?

    After a candidate has been assessed, the PXT Select provides ongoing additional value with available no cost reports to assist with Onboarding, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership Development, Career Exploration & Development, Succession Planning and Team Formation & Development.

  • Supervisory & Leadership Development Training

    Priority Performance Group's Supervisory Leadership Development curriculum provides participants (typically 1st & 2nd level supervisors and team leaders) with the basics of proven supervisory methods and techniques needed for success in a leadership role including building and maintaining trust, effective communication, providing constructive feedback, reinforcing positive results, situational leadership, dealing with diversity in the workforce, conducting effective meetings, effectively introducing and dealing with change and handling one-on-one and team conflict.

    Each session lasts approximately 4 hours. This curriculum has been used effectively in multiple organizations and can be adapted to a particular client's needs.

  • Leadership Assessment and Coaching

    This process measures both the perception of a leader's effectiveness (self, boss, peers and subordinates) utilizing the CheckPoint 360™ and his or her actual cognitive abilities, behavioral approach and interests using the PXT Select™. The combination of these results and one-on-one coaching feedback provides the leader (and his or her manager) with the insights needed to understand how they are viewed by others and how their cognitive abilities, behavioral approach and interests may impact their leadership.

    The result is a plan that provides leaders with the information and guidance he or she needs to build on strengths and minimize the areas where they are less strong.

  • Ethics Are Essential, Not Easy

    This timely 4 hour session provides participants with opportunities to explore and reflect on the ethical guidelines provided by their organization, how well these are applied in reality, their own day-to-day actions related to ethics, and how all of these may influence their decisions when confronted with difficult ethical dilemas.

    Participants are provided with a effective process to use in those times when the decisions are not black and white but shades of grey where any choice potentially has negative consequences for someone. They will have a chance to apply this process to very contemporary, realistic and difficult dilemas presented in video format and/or case study formats then discussed during the session.

    The training materials are customized to incorporate an organization’s ethical guidelines and/or real-life examples of common ethical dilemas faced by employees.

  • High Performance Problem Solving

    This multi-session training (typically 3 or 4 sessions of 4 hours) combines a small amount of lecture with a great deal of hands-on activity using the PDCA system of problem solving both on challenges provided by the instructor and then on issues that participants identify during the sessions or bring to the sessions.

    It is well suited to support Kaizen events and a transition to lean manufacturing or in support of a continuous improvement effort in any organization.

    Emphasis is not only on learning the tools of quality but also on how to effectively lead and then empower others in applying these tools to identify, prioritize, get to root cause and then address organizational problems. The training has three interwoven sections as listed below:
     Introduction to Quality and Systematic Problem Solving
     Applying Quality Tools
     Leading and Participating in Effective Group Processes

  • Hiring and Selection Training

    This multi-session training process provides those involved in hiring or promotional decisions with the information, practice, and take-away tools needed to plan and effectively execute behaviorally based interviews as part of a well designed selection process. The training covers the following topics:

    Legal Requirements:
    - Major EEO Laws
    - Consequences of Non-Compliance
    High Cost of Turnover
    Overview of the Selection Process (Will be customized to an organization)
    When & How to Incorporate Assessments
    Identifying Job Related Skill Requirements:
    • Technical
    • Non-technical (Performance Skills)
    Designing Effective Questions
    Pre-Interview Screening & Assessment
    Interview Techniques:
    • Building Rapport
    • Questioning for past performance
    • Probing for specifics
    • Maintaining control
    • Gathering contrary evidence
    Planning and Conducting the Interview as a Team