PXTSelect helps make smarter people decsions for selection, coaching and identify training needs.

Make smarter people decisions for selection and coaching with PXT Select™!

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Nancy Ness
Founder Nancy Ness - PXTSelect™ Emerald Award Winner 2021

As President of Profiles Incorporated, Nancy Ness has worked as a business consultant specializing in employee assessments since 1991. She works with various companies of every size, in every industry, to strategize the use of assessments in the selection/retention and job performance areas, as well as leadership development, people management and identifying training needs.

During her years with Profiles Incorporated, she has earned many honors including the Strategic Business Partner of the Year award several times and is recognized as a thought-leader in the industry. She is a PXTSelect™ Emerald Award winner in recognition of outstanding performance as members of the PXT Select™ Authorized Partner network in 2021. Nancy is recognized as an original member of the Profiles International, Inc. Founder’s Club. She served on the Advisory Board for Profiles International, evaluating and making recommendations in the development of new technologies and products.

Prior to joining Profiles, Nancy enjoyed many accomplishments in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as with CitiCorp, while attaining excellent experience in the areas of marketing, sales, training and management.

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The Human Side of Selection
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Testimonials For Profiles Incorporated

  • We recently converted to Profiles new assessment center. I had a leadership applicant complete the Profile XT & I found the reporting features much more enhanced. The enhanced reports provided us with the tools we needed to make a sound hiring decision & the reports allowed us to plan future training of this individual. Profiles is a great resource

    Jody L. Rogers VP, Human Resources, SFM Mutual Insurance Company
  • We've partnered with Profiles for over 10 years to provide pre-employment assessments & 360 evaluations to our members. The staff at Profiles has been indispensable to me...always available to answer my questions & provide easy, fast solutions for any situation. Their dedication to provide top notch customer service me to do my job more efficiently

    Pat Windle Assessment Coordinator | MRA-The Management Association
  • I have used the Profiles Sales Assessment tests now for over 20 years to guide us in our hiring process. It provides a management tool so that gives you...a basis to start with to manage that person more efficieciently. ...the test is always accurate. I will continue to use this as the indicator on whether or not someone will fit the job or not.

    Tom Fredericks VP/GM Electrical Division | American Polywater Corporation
  • The Minnesota Manufacturing Network is pleased to recommend Nancy Ness as a subject matter expert and speaker related to candidate and employee assessment. Nancy demonstrates thorough knowledge of the complete workforce talent life cycle and the significant role assessment provides to develop/sustain high performing organizations.

    David Brumbaugh, SPHR and SHRM-SCP HR Leader, Consultant, Program/Project Manager and Advisor
  • I have worked with Nancy and her team at Profiles on and off for over 20 years. Nancy is personable, professional, prompt and flexible. I would highly recommend Nancy and the Profiles products to anyone looking to increase the quality of their hiring or their ongoing performance management.

    Sally Malchow, M.A., SPHR Creative and Strategic job search Coach


  • PXT Select™ Authorized Partner

    Offers an all inclusive approach which utilizes powerful assessment data to help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach and develop their team members and leaders. This customizable solution gives you the freedom to unlock the value of additional reports without worrying about extra costs.
    PXT Select ™ uses Computer adaptive testing to evaluate a candidate’s level of abilities by selecting questions based on the candidate’s previous answers. For example, if Sally answered multiple “medium” difficult questions correctly, the system would prompt her to answer a series of “difficult” questions. Not only does this format maximize assessment precision, but also accelerates the entire assessment process for the candidate. From the candidate’s perspective, the difficulty of the assessment seems to tailor itself to his or her level of cognitive and behavioral trait expression.


    PXT Select™ Orientation Video
  • Leadership Tools for Optimized Performance in the R.E.D. Zone

    Leadership/Assessment tools enhance self-awareness, which leads to improved performance in:

    Understand how quickly people process information (cognitive ability)
    Understand key people interaction behaviors (personal comfort zone)
    Understand key activities a person is naturally attracted to (interests)

    Understand how to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of all your interactions with ANY AUDIENCE.

    Improve your understanding regarding the most efficient and effective approaches for coaching and developing individuals and teams.

    Learn more at http://www.profilesincorporated.com/execute-with-any-audience