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We empower businesses and organizations to achieve true profitability by building the team you need to reach the top of your industry. Your squad leader helps you and your team discover deep purpose, analyze your business, research competition, identify your competitive advantage, craft your vision and write your playbook. Based on your specific needs and vision, we build your squad from our team of experts in business development, human resources, marketing, public relations, sales, finance, IT, and operational efficiency. As you grow, we provide experienced players to fill the gaps on your roster and, when you’re ready, we help you recruit talent, onboard new teammates and cultivate their skills. We provide proven tools, innovative technology, and clear processes which will help you overcome challenges and WIN.

Testimonials For profitsquad

  • We loved discovering the diversity on our team and how to best utilize one another's strengths. The team reports have helped us work together more effectively--from choosing the team to assigning tasks that let us all work in our best roles.

    Karen HR Manager
  • Oh, my word! It was a river of knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.

    Seidric Entrepreneur
  • I really am enjoying the classes; they are very informative and very inspirational. I have learned I don't need to start big with the best idea ever I just need to start. Without trying and failing I'm just a dreamer of big dreams. Thanks, I'm loving the knowledge I'm gaining!

    Shamicka Entrepreneur
  • I highly recommend profitsquad. The team's extensive background in training and communication as well as critical response experience make profitsquad a valuable asset.

    Gil IT Vice President
  • We have gained tremendous knowledge from profitsquad to take our business to the next level. They provided us with expert advice, brainstorming and research. AND we increased sales by 36% immediately and have continued to grow ever since!

    Bridget & Robyn Founders & Owners


  • Hiring Strategies

    Our HR squad provides knowledge, effective tools, training, administrative services, coaching, management advice, and talent development needed to recruit and keep your winning team. We use the PXTSelect suite of reports to empower your HR strategy throughout the hiring process. Powerful assessments and repors help you get the right people in the right jobs on the right team with the right management.

  • Leadership Development

    Our experts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Conflict Resolution, and Talent Development partner with you to identify potential and empower employees to become dynamic leaders. We provide a full range of assessments from the Leadership Charisma self-evaluation to the Checkpoint 360 Leadership Survey, training, and expert support to help you build the leaders that your business needs to achieve your vision.

  • Business Coaching

    Building an innovative and profitable business requires hard work, a dedicated team, a powerful vision and commitment. Our experienced business coaches help you work smarter, build an effective team, craft a strategic vision and stay the course. We start by getting to know you, understanding your goals, learning about your culture, defining your vision, and uncovering the strengths and needs of the individuals and teams being coached. We match you with a coach or even a squad who can meet you right where you are and help you move forward rapidly and profitably.

  • Turnover Reduction

    We help businesses decrease the negative impact of turnover. Using a collaborative approach, we work with management to define turnover rates and cost to the company, to assess current practices impacting turnover, and to develop a strategy for improving retention and engagement. Our squad gathers data related to the number of employees currently employed, production roles, the number of employees hired and terminated over the past year, the man-hours and rate of compensation for those hours expended in tasks related to hiring and training activities; we identify the expense associated with the turnover rate. We help you assess the cost per hire and the your cost of annual turnover, identifying potential savings based on possible reductions in turnover. Using evidence-based best practices and customized solutions identified in partnership with your employees and management team, we develop a recommended action plan that increases retention, productivity and profitability.

  • Hiring Assessments

    Pre-hire assessments make gathering data easy. In fact, utilizing these tools can have a huge payoff for the entire organization. The Aberdeen Group states that pre-hire assessments can have a major impact on cost and time to hire, manager satisfaction, employee retention, performance, and engagement. Businesses that use data from selection assessments are 36 percent more likely than others to be satisfied with their new hires. Selection tools like SOS II and PXT Select™ help place the right people in the right positions, thereby improving engagement and productivity.