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Sue Porretto
Your greatest investment?...People! Choose them wisely & manage them well

Sue Porretto, President, Provident Enterprises, has led, trained and supported people for 35 years of a career that spans administration, education, communications, and health care. Ms. Porretto utilizes Wiley's highly validated, predictive Talent Management Assessments for science-based information on employees, along with approaches widely recognized for helping organizations soar, including Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “Principle-Centered Leadership,” Dr. Joseph Juran’s “Making Quality Happen,” and Dr. Michael Hammer’s “Reengineering the Corporation.”

Sue has personally experienced the challenges facing organizations and specializes in organizational and professional development with:
• Profiles reports that help identify, manage and develop employees who match the demands of the job & culture. This information is essential to objective, sound decision-making in selecting, coaching, promoting, re-deploying and managing individual and team performance.
• Cultural audits designed to identify and improve employee engagement, performance, and outcomes.
• Organizational restructuring that incorporates objective measures of employee job fit and team balance as central focal points in evaluating and rethinking how work gets assigned, accomplished, and recognized.

Respected for her competence, creativity, motivational abilities, integrity, and customer responsiveness, Ms. Porretto brings knowledge and experience that helps organizations achieve positions of strength and viability.

Testimonials For Provident Enterprises, Inc.

  • Aside from testing, I have always appreciated Ms. Porretto's insight and perspectives on all employment issues. Whether as a consultant helping us find a qualified candidate, or as an advisor making recommendations on how to provide a more effective work environment, her advice was always spot on!

    David Carl Mac Haik Management LLC
  • In the short time since you completed your work we have seen a significant improvement in the attitude of our employees. It is clear they are excited about the changes we have made and have bought into the new performance based program.

    Alan Michener President & CEO, Tideland Signal Corporation
  • For over 15 years, Provident Enterprises has provided Tradition Bank, Houston, TX with Profile Assessment reports for applicants seeking employment. This amazing tool provides insightful information about an applicant's character and abilities that has helped us avoid costly mis-hires and enjoy improved communications and performance.

    Charles W. Norris President, Tradition Bank Plaza
  • We use their assessments to help us make hiring decisions for all manager positions. Alonti managers produce in the top range of our industry and our attrition is near zero. I believe the use of Profiles International products is a major contributor to these results.”

    Al Pepi President, Pepi Corporation ,Alonti Cafe & Catering
  • Profiles assessments have proven to be a source of valuable solutions for us! . . . Assessments and your support, Sue, provided an essential edge as we navigate the complex, competitive world of not-for- profits. I highly recommend Profiles and your services to those who are committed to addressing client needs and to staying ahead of the curve

    Mark Neagli Regional Executive Vice President, So. Central Region National Multiple Sclerosis Society


  • Identify, Select, Develop and Replicate top performers with the PXT Select!

    PXT Select helps you:
    • Hire people who can meet/exceed your job and culture requirements.
    • Determine if the candidate is a GREAT FIT--OR NOT!
    • Identify attributes of your top performers to create benchmarks/success profiles.
    • Use these benchmarks to spot future hires or employees with greatest potential for success.
    • Introduce 2 of the most powerful elements in an effective selection system: Objectivity and Job Fit
    -- to reduce hiring mistakes that result from hidden biases of your interviewers.

    People are complex—everyone is wired differently. We help you drive your organization forward, by identifying, understanding and adapting to the unique wiring of each of your employees. This positively impacts relationships, communications, productivity and morale.

    No longer will you say..."This would be a great place to work if it weren’t for these ##!@%#!!


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Develop a workforce hiring strategy that includes essential elements of Objectivity and Job Fit

    Hiring employees who fail to perform to expectations is costly and disruptive.
    Without objective tools, hiring teams often rely heavily on gut instincts and superficial information, leading to poor hiring decisions.

    The critical elements of OBJECTIVITY and JOB FIT are far too often overlooked! With the PXT Select you build customized success models that provide accurate, objective descriptions of the qualities required for high performance. Your team is now ready to compare candidates and current employees against these models to measure job fit OBJECTIVELY!

    After understanding your organizational goals, we'll work together to develop a workforce selection strategy that is aligned with your culture and the essential attributes that drive success in each of your positions.

    Remember....“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else.” Yogi Berra.


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Create a high performance workplace and culture-- don't guess... ASSESS!

    People matter AND SO DOES YOUR CULTURE! The PXT Select helps you find the right people for the job AND your culture—so you can attract and retain the best!

    Your customized success models make it simple for you identify the key job and cultural traits you are seeking. With its many reporting options, such as the Team and Leadership Reports, you can find and retain people who align with your culture and meet your job demands.

    Working with you, we assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current culture, as seen through the eyes of your employees. Their input provides illuminating perspectives regarding work environment and leadership practices. This critical information serves as a compass to help you successfully reach your organizational goals.


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Conduct meaningful 360 Performance Reviews to build leadership and management skills.

    Most feedback at work is from a boss to a direct report. 360 Reviews expand that feedback to allow the employee, their boss (es), direct reports, peers and others to provide feedback in critical areas, including communications, leadership, adaptability, relationships, task management, production, development of others and personal development. Areas needing attention are highlighted AND SUPPLEMENTED with pointers for improvement. There are also on- line modules for areas that need strengthening.

    The impact of such information is far more constructive and more likely to strengthen performance and outcomes than any one-on-one review. This is a reasonable investment with outstanding returns to your organization!


    The Hidden Side of Selection
  • Simplify Your Selection Process with the Profile XT Select

    The PXT Select will help you:
    • Hire people who meet/exceed your job and culture requirements.
    • Determine if the candidate is a GREAT FIT-- OR NOT!
    • Better understand a candidate's or current work associate's strengths, needs and interests for greater success on the job.
    • Implement a consistent approach and prevent subjective hidden biases from influencing hiring and management decisions.


    The Human Side of Selection
  • ENGAGE and RETAIN your talented work associates!

    With the PXT Select you:With the PXT Select you:
    • Gain critical insights into your people’s strengths, needs and interests to provide opportunities related to their current positions or future openings.
    • Keep your people growing, challenged and ENGAGED.
    • Access information to improve performance, management, leadership, team development, and employee-manager relations.
    • Strengthen over-all organizational engagement with people who enjoy what they do, stay in their jobs and excel!


    The Human Side of Selection
  • REDUCE costly, disruptive TURNOVER!

    With the PXT Select you can:
    • Gain critical insights into your work associates' and your candidates' strengths, needs and interests.
    • Avoid costly mis-hires with objective data that measures their fit with your job and culture.
    • Use the assessment data to provide opportunities related to their current positions or future openings -- keep them growing, challenged and ENGAGED.
    • Access information to improve performance, management, leadership, team development, and employee-manager relations.
    • Strengthen work associate engagement with people who enjoy what they do, stay in their jobs and excel!


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Build, Manage and Develop High Performing Teams with the Profiles suite of assessments and reports!

    Your Profiles Assessment Center contains assessments that produce reports with highly relevant information that is predictive of team performance. Team Reports describe each member's traits in relation to those of the Team Leader and provide the leaders with management tips for optimal performance. The traits measured are those that characterize high performing teams and that prepare team members to improve their communications, and their performance.

    Team members who understand their differences and likenesses are more likely to experience improved communications as well as work/project outcomes.


    The Human Side of Selection