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Tom Rollert

Tom Rollert, Principal at R Concepts Development LLC, was raised in the midwest (Kansas City, MO and Cedar Rapids, IA) where he graduated from the Univesity of Kansas earning his Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology. After graduation, he spent 30 years in the restaurant and food processing industries, with multiple international assignments taking him to Australia (where his daughter Danielle was born), Spain, Belgium, Kuwait and the last three as the VP of Operations and Franchise recruiting with Pizza Delight in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada. After the experience with franchise recruiting and operations team building he moved on to Executive Recruiting first with a retained search firm and most recently served six years with Flying J as the Corporate Executive Recruter. During his tenure with Flying J Tom had the opportunity to evaluate numerous assessment firms. Rigorous trial and analysis of the major assessment providers and their products led to a conclusion that the assessment and survey tools available from Wiley Publishing are the best in class. When Tom relocated to Austin in 2010 to re-enter the retained search field he made a decision to join Profiles International as a Strategic Business Partner in order to avail his search clients with an important service. He is on a mission to grow the Profiles International business in Texas by building lasting value added relationships with business partners who will benefit from the use of the solutions offered. Tom now lives in Austin with his wife, Lise, (a Texan from Dallas) his children and grandchildren.