Fill the gap between the resume and interview with PXT Select™.

About Us

Rod Fuller

Every organization has a mission and this mission is the driving force behind their success.
We at R. Fuller and Associates believe that individuals are the organization’s most valuable and challenging asset. Our mission is to provide the very best professionally developed and easy to use human resource assessments and strategies. Implementing these assessments will result in better hiring practices, reduced turnover and improved individual performance.


  • PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter.

    Powered by the latest in assessment technology, this innovative new assessment drives several reports. The data from the PXT Select suite of reports help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop their team members.

    Comprehensive Selection Report
    Multiple Positions Report
    Multiple Candidates Report
    Performance Model Report
    Team Report
    Manager-Employee Report
    Individual's Feedback Report
    Individual's Graph
    Coaching Report
    PXT Select is available through our exclusive PXT Select Authorized

  • LMI develops leaders and organizations to maximize their full potential.

    The Leadership Management International (LMI) management and personal development process:

    Step 1 – Evaluating Performance
    Step 2 – Developing a Plan of Action
    Step 3 – Changing Behavior
    Step 4 – Measuring Results