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Sift Human Resources LLC | Consulting practice of Dr. Justin Wiegand

We help organizations make great hiring decisions and develop talent using PXT Select assessments and integrative consulting, all with clear pricing and excellent service.

We offer the best of both worlds: an experienced assessment expert along with software and support that scales with you.

Reach out today to schedule a demo or connect over selection and development at your organization.

Testimonials For Sift Human Resources LLC

  • EHS Solutions has used Sift HR extensively over the past 4 months during a hiring spree for multiple positions. The information received from the testing was certainly worth the cost, and influenced our hiring decisions in a myriad of ways. We plan to continue using Sift HR in the future.

    Caleb EHS Solutions | Financial Controller
  • Sift HR has been extremely helpful in assisting with organizational fit of team members and aiding in getting the most out of team members.

    Valerie SMS | Production Analst


  • PXT Select™ Assessments and Integrative Consulting

    We use cutting-edge PXT Select™ assessments to improve your hiring and employee development.

    Your assessments will be scored against the actual job you are hiring for or developing talent in. PXT Select™ uses leading psychometrics and computer adaptive items to evaluate multiple job-related constructs and provides easy-to-understand reporting with predictive scores, targeted interview questions, and clear, actionable narrative to guide hiring and development decisions. Implementation is easy and we guide you each step of the way.

Featured Skills

  • Assessment Validation
  • Selection
  • Structured Inverviewing
  • HR Data Analytics
  • Employee Development


  • PXT Select Certified Professional
  • Ph.D. Trained Consultant