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Gabriela Santamaria
Senior Talent Management Consultant

Gabriela Santamaria is an expert in talent management, strategic management and employee development for students and young professionals. Having studied Management and a Minor in Information Technology she has used both backgrounds to leverage technology to develop special assessment and mentoring techniques for students who enter the Career Path Program.

She has won the Top 20 Patriots in Business from George Mason School of Management for her many outreach programs and contributions to the community. She has also won numerous awards recognizing her contribution to the business community including The Young Entrepreneur award for her work using assessment and psychometric tools to match top talent for various businesses. A co-founder at Sovran Training, she shares the same passion to identify, develop and retain top talent.

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  • SovranHR has helped us hire the right people and keep them engaged! I will never hire another employee without the PXT Select.

    Nelson J President & CEO


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