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About Us

Stephanie Wiens
Stephanie Wiens, Founder

Summit exists to create healthy and productive workplaces, influencing happier, healthier homes and relationships and ultimately inspiring happier, healthier community. We are authentic, relational passionate about supporting our clients as they build healthy, high-functioning and productive teams. We offer the latest innovative workplace solutions, including the newest selection tool on the market, PXT Select™ and as a PXT Select Authorized Partner, we are among the first to deliver this powerful tool.

Whether your looking for help with hiring the right people or engaging your team, we'll collaborate with you to find the solution that best fits your needs.

The Human Side of Selection


  • Recruitment

    Recruitment including ad creation, pre-screening applicants, behavioral interview questions, reference checks

  • Career Transition and On-site Notification

    When you make the difficult decision to transition a team member out of your organization, we can provide the on-site notification necessary and support the staff member as they transition to the next position in their career through resume preperation, coaching and interview preperation training.

  • Employee Policy Review and Revisions

    Building clarity of expectations across your organization through relevant and up to date policies in line with current legislation.

  • Job Description and Standard Operating Procedures

    Building clarity across your organization, increasing efficiency and productivity and shortening onboarding and training time.

  • Team Development workshops

    Summit offers a wide span of professional development opportunities. Change management, culture shift, conflict management, sales and service excellence, team building and communication are just some of the common workplace issues that require tactful strategies. Our workshops are highly collaborative, energized and built to motivate your team to a greater level of performance.

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development, executive coaching and frontline leadership training.