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About Us

Susan Cullen
Susan Cullen, President, Quantum Learning Solutions, Inc.

NexaLearning has over 20 years of experience providing leadership development and team building to organizations of all size and from numerous industries. During that time, we have specialized in providing the training and tools that organizations need to make better hiring decisions and retain their best people.

We have authored numerous training programs for behavior-based interviewing techniques, delivered in an on-demand format, live virtual format and in classroom experiences.

We are proud to have been a top award-winning partner with Wiley Publishing for many years, and look forward to providing the knowledge and resources to help your organization make better hiring decisions.


  • PXT Select

    PXT Select is a unique selection assessment that fills the gap between the resume and the interview. It not only helps you find the right people, but also helps you shape the overall employee experience through its unique suite of reports.

    Download the attached flyer to learn more about the product and the many reports available.

  • Behavioral Interviewing Training

    NexaLearning has years of experience showing organizations how to make better hiring decisions through the use of behavior-based interviewing. We can provide this in the following ways:

    * Traditional Classroom Training
    * Live Virtual Learning, with Practice Sessions
    * On-Demand Behavioral Interviewing Courseware

    We frequently use a blended learning approach, with a combination of practice sessions with virtual or on-demand reinforcement resources.

    Download our Course Catalog to learn about our many course topics and resources available.