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Carol Horner, Synchronicity, beinsynch
Carol Horner, President

Carol’s extensive experience began in 1987 and has led her to believe that in order to affect positive and productive changes in people’s attitudes, performance, and relationships, you need to actively engage them in their learning process and align them with key business objectives.

Carol’s strengths lie in her ability to successfully custom-design and implement learning and organization development programs and processes in the areas of leadership development, coaching, team development, communication, and change management. She works with large companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals seeking to grow and make productive and positive impact.

Carol is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, Five Behaviors® Authorized Partner, and PXTSelect® Authorized Partner.

Carol is considered a leader in her field with numerous conference presentations and publications in trade newsletters. She holds several leadership positions within and is affiliated with the following professional organizations: Association for Talent Development; Organization Development Network; Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce; Rotary International; Iowa Small Business Development Centers; and the Texas Experiential Resources Association.


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