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Ken Graves
Ken Graves, Founder & CEO

Ken Graves, Chairman & CEO of TalentValue International, Inc. and a Strategic Partner and Sr. Vice President of Profiles International, Inc. Waco, TX, has over 40 years of experience in strategic business planning, human resource management and consulting, HR assessments, background & drug screening services, career transition and career coaching, leadership development, performance management, channel marketing and motivation, and HR cloud technologies with the purpose to help organizations improve performance and reduce cost of operations. Ken has consulted for large best-in-class Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and many small business entities in a variety of industries. Kens has extensive experience working with organizations in a wide variety of industries including commercial and residential contractors, dental, roofing, restaurants, hotels, insurance, banking, property management, fire apparatus distribution, healthcare,  kitchen remodeling, manufacturing, IT technology, construction, architecture businesses, non-profit organizations, and federal and state government. Prior to founding TalentValue International, Inc. Ken, held various senior management roles with several Fortune 500 Companies as well as medium and small businesses. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Marketing.  During Ken’s career, he has served on the board of several colleges and associations.


  • TalentValue SELECT Staffing System

    Here is how we help you:
    We automatically post your job ads on OnePost
    The system Pre-qualifies applicants for skills and experience and desired behavioral traits.
    We stack rank all candidates based on a % that match your needs.
    You only spend your time with the best candidates.
    You easily communicate with candidates
    The system develops a recruiting database for future hires.
    Your Hiring Manager receives interview notifications by email.
    Record Applicant Tracking System workflow updates.


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