Helping People and Organizations become the best they can be

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About Us

Helping People and Organizations become the best they can be
Helping People and Organizations become the best they can be

Formally established in December of 1995, The Delfi Group consists of a team of experienced professionals in Business, Executive Leadership and Human Resources specialties. Each has a demonstrated passion for achieving measurable results in the development of organizations, and their business leaders, owners, managers, staff and front line employees. Delfi Associates are based throughout eastern and central Ontario and serve clientele from the public, not-for-profit and private-sectors across Canada.
The Delfi consulting approach is extremely client-focused using approaches and interventions that incorporate behavioral change and knowledge- to-action principles that truly make a difference . The Delfi blend of high-powered expertise fused with rural Ontario work and ethical values creates a unique opportunity to bring the best knowledge and skills to our clients in the best possible way. We are all about creating an exceptional client experience as we deliver on our mission “ helping people and organizations become the best that they can be.”


  • Bringing Data into a Subjective Hiring Process

    Using PXT Select™, we work with clients to establish the specific job-fit requirements for a successful recruitment need, and then assess short-listed candidates against this ideal job-fit description. Through a series of available reports, hiring managers are better able to select and coach the best possible candidate for a smarter and more successful hire.

  • Bringing Data into a Succession Planning Process

    Using PXT Select™ , we work with clients to develop strong performance models for key positions on their success plans. Then, using objective cognitive, behavioral and interest data on a pool of high potential individuals, we enable clients to objectively identify the best fit opportunities for the future staffing of key positions in the organization.

  • Bringing Data into your Talent Management Process

    We work with managers struggling with investment decisions regarding which employees to develop for which career paths. Using PXT Select™ , we help managers better understand key cognitive, behavioral and interest characteristics of individual employees in a talent management program and then match them up with developmental positions that are best suited to their individual needs.