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Marc Harding
Marc Harding

The Harding Group LLC was started by Marc Harding in the fall of 1994 as a Human Resource consulting firm with the purpose of providing HR services for small to medium- sized firms in northwestern Wisconsin.

Marc had 14 years of experience with Cray Research Inc. and wanted to remain in the area. Prior to Cray he was with two counties in administrative and human resource related jobs for more than 6 years. The firm has since evolved into a broader management consulting firm providing a variety of services to private, public and nonprofit organizations. The services focus on improving organizational and individual performance. Marc expanded the scope of services in 1997 when he partnered with Thompson Consulting by providing career transition services and opening offices in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota. In 2004 he added another suite of services by becoming a Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, a firm that provides online assessment tools for talent management and organizational assessment. Another milestone was the inception of a Business Advisory Board service where small business owners assist each other as advisors.

Over the years a number of the firm’s clients have won numerous awards at the local, state and national level. The Harding Group, LLC is now servicing clients in multiple industry segments in the profit, nonprofit and public sectors. We have clients we have supported who maintain offices on both coasts and have supported international work.

Our extensive experience has taught us if all elements of an organization are in alignment, performance can be exceptional. These elements include: The business Plan, the right Organizational structure, the right People and the right Systems.

Our team today consists of as many as seven to ten multi-disciplined people who are selected specifically to work on each project based on the needs and the industry of the client. Their credentials can be viewed on the Who We Are section of the Harding Group LLC website.


  • Talent Management Services

    Talent Acquisition: For executive, professional, managerial, and board level candidates. One of the most important aspects of all Human Resource functions is that of selecting and hiring the right person for the job. We can provide the appropriate staffing process and job search strategies for various levels of employment for your organization.

    Talent Assessment: We have access to a suite of assessment tools that can be used for selection, development, succession planning and executive coaching.

    Talent Development: We provide a suite of development services targeted at the full range of needs including leadership, employee and organizational assessment and development, and coaching.

    Talent Engagement: Our consultants are experts at working with individuals and teams and assessing engagement issues and providing solutions in the form of cultural and employee satisfactions assessment, team building, change management and a variety of other engagement programs.

  • Total Compensation System Design

    Including base, sales, incentive, executive compensation, and benefit plan design. Your base pay, reward and recognition systems should reflect the operating results you are trying to attain and should reinforce the culture you are attempting to create. We can provide analysis, development, and implementation of creative reward and recognition programs that will provide return on this sizable investment.

  • Career Transition Services

    Whether you have been laid off by your employer or are frustrated with your current work situation we offer a suite of service options targeted at all levels of employees from Executives to administrative and service staff. We can provide individual services or group programs tailored to your specific needs.

  • Business Planning, Development and Improvement Services

    We provide facilitation and development of both short and long term business plans. We have extensive experience in business start up, turnaround, improvement and business development efforts. We have the staff that can also complete a lean analysis and implementation.

  • Retained Human Resource Management Services

    It would be great to have access to some professional HR advice, but you can’t afford to hire a senior HR person until you get much bigger. We can fill this role in a very cost effective way and you can be assured that you are complying with the legal aspects of managing your employees.