Creating places where people WANT to work!

Creating places where people WANT to work!

About Us

Nancy Pettigrew
Founder, The Healthy Workplace, Ltd.

My passion since beginning my consulting practice in 1989 has been in helping organizations create places where people WANT to work; where employees feel valued for their contributions and know how to successfully fulfill their roles within the organization.

Great organizations know that success begins with hiring the right people. My biggest frustration is when I have discovered talented people who are leaving their employers because their expertise, experience and interests do not match their roles.

My years in helping organizations create their collaborative and effective workplace cultures have covered a wide range of topics such as creating mission and vision statements, leadership development, team building, developing clear role expectations and strategic planning all with the purpose of producing desired business outcomes. It is this immersion into our clients’ workplace cultures that brings added insights into helping them select and develop employees as they discern their organizational priorities, interests and needs in building a workforce that truly is their competitive advantage.

As we use the PXT Select™ suite of reports with clients, our first goal is to understand what you want to accomplish. How can the PXT Select resources help you achieve your desired business outcomes? Our listening and questions are to help you clearly define the purpose of the position you want to fill. How will the talents of someone fulfilling this role make a positive difference in growing the viability and vitality of your organization in your industry?

We have been privileged to work with people in all sizes and types of organizations across the US, and in Mexico, South America and Kuwait. We welcome a conversation to see if we are a fit for helping you serve your clients as you select and develop the employees who become your ambassadors to the world. Our goal is your success.

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