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Lori Heffelfinger, Principal
Lori Heffelfinger, Principal, The Heffelfinger Company, LLC

Organizational change, leadership development and coaching have been the core of our firm from the beginning. We are dedicated to helping good leaders become great and organizations to achieve what they thought impossible. We strive for and delight in the adventure of improving performance.

• Our Approach is as unique as your challenge.

• Our clients value purpose yet understand the importance of profit.

• We work with organizations that believe investment in people significantly impacts the bottom-line.

• Our team brings wonderfully diverse backgrounds and accomplishments from large corporate settings to entrepreneurial ventures.

We help businesses get headed in the right direction. We are committed to helping our clients replace invisible obstacles that have formed over time with a renewed vision of purpose.

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The PXT Select Assessment can be used for selection, development, coaching, and team building.
For a quick orientation of the PXT Select Assessment, see the video below.

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Testimonials For The Heffelfinger Company, LLC

  • Lori’s greatest strength is that she reads a situation and personal dynamics extremely well. . . . she thoughtfully and carefully acts on her perceptions to maximize the growth of others. Lori’s second greatest strength is that she creates an unusually solid relational foundation. Lori is open herself and inspires openness in others.

    VP - Large Aerospace Company


  • Leadership Development

    Using our programs and processes we help you build your Leadership so that your organization can manifest its vision in the shortest possible time.

    The PXT Select Assessment can be used to help identify high potential leaders in your organization and highlight behaviors for coaching and development.

    See the attached document for more information on The Heffelfinger Company (THC) organizational level offerings and leadership programs.

  • Executive Coaching

    Our one-on-one coaching maximizes the benefits to executives and high-potential leaders in large organizations and professional services firms. The goal is to provide individualized and tailored leadership development for executives and high-potential leaders to help them improve their business results as well as to achieve career or personal aspirations.

    See the attached document for more information on The Heffelfinger Company individual level offerings and executive coaching.

  • Senior Team Alignment

    THC works with CEO’s and their teams to create this type of alignment so your organization will have amazing business results. We provide a customized approach as well as a before/after assessment of team alignment using a trademarked Team Alignment Survey.

    See the attached document for more information on The Heffelfinger Company senior team alignment.

  • Team Development

    The Heffelfinger Company (THC) works with teams to help them be more productive and high performing.

    See the attached document to learn more about THC team offerings.