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Evidence Based Management Solutions
Leadership Development, Teams Optimization & Organizational Culture Experts

The purpose of The OD Consulting Group is to build the organization of the future through the development of the competencies of leaders and the promotion of their capacities to face business challenges and achieve the vision of your company. Through scientific evidence, we have developed effective, sustainable programs with designs tailored to the real needs of your organization.

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  • Leadership Development Program

    We focus on maximizing the long-term effectiveness of the Leader in the face of the complexity of the times!

    The participants of our business leadership programs leave aware of how their management impacts the 360° of the organization; how to optimize talent and how they are fundamental pieces to maintain the competitive advantage of the organization.

  • Advanced Leadership Development Program

    The challenge is constant!

    Participants in the Leadership Training program increase their potential as leaders by acquiring or developing competencies that positively impact themselves or others. They will be able to solve complex situations, lead change and optimize organizational effectiveness towards the creation of a culture of achievement.

  • New Leaders Assimilation Program

    Through our program, we increase the levels of effectiveness of new leaders!

    The OD Consulting Group provides the systemic methodology to accelerate the positioning and the effectiveness and impact of the new leader. The effectiveness of the program lies in the understanding of the context and the team as well as in the development of the specific competencies required.

  • Training Programs

    The design of each program provides the ability to help participants lead, inspire and achieve.

    Each program is adjusted to the needs identified in the organization. At the same time, we develop customized programs, according to the requirements of the defined strategy.

  • High-Performance Teams

    “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. – Michael Jordan

    High-performance teams have the potential to achieve significant achievements when they combine their skills, abilities, and way of seeing things among all team members. Teams with high cohesion benefit the people in the group who commit because they give the opportunity to everyone to learn from everyone.