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About Us

PXT Select authorized partner Michael Derrick
Michael Derrick, PXT Select Authorized Partner

Since 1999 we've been helping organizations solve their people related challenges through assessments, recruiting, and training. We can serve as your outsourced corporate recruiting department, using Profiles assessments to ensure the right job match. And, over 10,000 companies from all over the country have attended Michael's management training seminars since 2012.

Testimonials For The Partner Group

  • The Partner Group is a top-notch organization that provides partnerships with their clients helping to fine-tune the selection process and solve people related challenges. The excellent service provided by The Partner Group and their urgency and attention to your needs are characteristics that make this organization a highly reputable resource.

    Kim Stewart H.R. Manager
  • The Partner Group has been essential to the health and well-being of my small commercial real estate services company. Although we were reluctant to engage The Partner Group at first, they have become a valued member of our extended team, and we have referred many of our clients to them. What better endorsement could be offered than that?

    Geoff Kasselman President, Op2mize, LLC
  • You picked me up that day and it takes a lot to do that. Great presentation. Keep up the good work. Leadership by example. I liked it. Thank You.

    John Nafius, Southwest Sales Manager, Source North America About The Partner Group presentation at annual meeting
  • We use the SOSII, the PXT, and the PSA assessments on a regular basis... The assessments have led to hiring people with behavioral traits that are closely aligned with specific job functions... This means greater satisfaction for the employees and a higher return on investment for us as the employer.

    Tom Hay General Manager, IDN H Hoffman, Norridge, IL


  • Hiring the right person

    With the PXT/Select we can develop a custom job pattern and evaluate candidates to make sure they have the qualities to be successful.

  • More effective management communication

    The Manager/Employee report gives the manager insight into how to communicate with an employee more effectively. Michael often says in his management seminars, "Improve relationships and you'll improve productivity." He is careful to note that "relationship" does not mean friendship. Relationship is the emotional tone between two people. The Manager/Employee report provides information to build a better working relationship with employees.

  • Reduce turnover by hiring the right person the first time.

    The Comprehensive Selection report provides a wealth of information including comparing a candidate to a custom job pattern and providing interview questions. Many employers hire the best interviewee instead of hiring the best job match. Sometimes a job hopper is a professional interviewer when someone looking for a job for the first time in ten years may stumble. Take the guesswork out of it by using the PXT Select.

  • Executive Recruiting

    With over 18 years of experience in conducting confidential searches, you can trust The Partner Group to come alongside you for an important hire. We often take charge to make life easier for the business owner. We find the candidates, assess them with the PXT Select and can even interview them on site. Then, you meet the top contenders and make the final decision. We can help negotiate the offer and provide coaching information so they are onboarded in the most efficient way.

  • Management training

    We take new managers through the core competencies including delegation, time management, and communication. Our training is very practical. Managers need to find out what's important to THEIR boss and make it important to them. They need to avoid doing things that make people NOT trust them. And, they need to learn how to deal with all the different generations now in the workplace. Our training is interactive so managers can apply what they learn in a hands-on way. The bottom line is training managers to keep doing what they are doing right, stop doing things that are counterproductive, and start being an inspiring leader who motivates others, builds a cohesive team, and gets things done.