✪ Build your Dream Team. Get Results.

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Pat Dolen, President of Tydeman Dolen, since 1996

Sweating over that key person who is just not working out? Mediocre employees pulling you down? Worried your current staff won't get you where you want to go?

✪ What I do in 6 words: Build Dream Teams. Get Results.

Want to experience the relief of taking a vacation without worry?

Why? Because you started this business for a reason. Maybe to create wealth, a legacy or a practice to run YOUR way. You deserve to have the right people around to carry out YOUR vision, not you carry them.

✪ My background: I ran a $12MM multi-branch staffing and recruiting firm with 1000's of placements for over a decade and learned the hidden secrets behind costly hiring mistakes and simple reasons why interviewers fail.

✪ Facilitated a CEO and Presidents’ Board of privately-held companies for almost a decade and worked on a coaching and consulting basis with over 50 business leaders in a variety of industries on their most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities.

✪ Coached professionals and executives to bring about more contentment, fulfillment and communication ease whether they faced forward into a new professional challenge or stretched into the world of entrepreneurship.

✪ What's happened to my clients:

☞Rapidly fixed the root of expensive people problems, igniting company growth 2X with 10-20% bottom line growth year over year.

☞Motivated a failing global sales team at Q2 for the second year in a row; realized 111% over quota by year end!

☞ Helped a firm expand 3X with Top Performers in Y1, attracting millennials to a cohesive culture aligning with the vision of the founding partner.

☞My clients are winners: TX Family Business of the Year; Stevie Awards in Business; INC 5000; Houston 100; Fast Tech 50; HBJ “Top 40 under 40”; NAPW “Professional Woman of the Year -Software industry leadership"

✪ What they’ve said about me:

"You have been...developing our people skills...and yet dynamic in posturing this small company...in becoming a more vibrant Mid-market company”. –Jim J, Manager

“Our management team has ...bottom line savings by avoiding the ‘hiring, training and turnover’ cycle”. –Carolyn B, VP

“We will not even consider hiring anybody without first consulting with Pat…she has proven to be invaluable..." –Todd B, owner

☞If you started your company over today, would you take all of your people with you?

☞Are you happy with where you are today?

✪ MESSAGE ME at 713.851.4677

Testimonials For Tydeman Dolen

  • I think every company who uses the PXT-Select should make it mandatory to become certified as a PXT Select Certified Practioner. The training was excellent, flowed really well and positioned our company to make full use of the tool and investment. I'd recommend it!

    Michael Chin HR Director
  • The process you introduced to us in applicant assessment testing has helped us ensure we are hiring: "Best of Breed" employees that have the right behavioral tools and skill sets to grow with our company. Our company looks forward to fulfilling its company vision for expansion and growth into the next decade!

    Jim Jette Senior Manager
  • Some hires, even though technically competent, were not a good culture fit which lead to position turnover within a few months. The PXTS allows us to determine if a candidate will be a fit or if they would become isolated and ineffective. Our management team has seen the advantages and bottom line savings...and we're selecting better candidates.

    Carolyn Bondy Vice President, Americas Services
  • Pat knows how to put the right people in the right seats through her assessment tools and systems. She has a charisma that puts people at ease...allowing candidates to tell her who they really are so the employer and job-seeker both win!

    Frank Maguire Founding Senior Executive of Federal Express
  • As a former business owner, I wouldn't dream of hiring anyone without Pat. Her added consultation was priceless-I would recommend the PXTS to anyone who wants to make better hiring decisions or increase productivity. And, Pat even helped me understand what types of employees I work best with as direct reports-invaluable!

    Misty Khan Business Transformation and Change Management Agent


  • Build your Dream Team. Get Results.

    Ready to blow up the 80/20 rule and use stats to hire A-Players? Build your Dream Team like the Pros.

    Let’s use our system to replicate the best traits of your A-Players and coach your B-Players to a higher level of performance. It may be time to reposition them into the right spot so they can reach their highest potential.

    Discover what you have been struggling to figure out with a Talent Audit.

    Start with your Most Valuable Player - we can work from there!

  • Strengthen On-boarding. Reduce Job-hopping.

    Engage your new hires with an effective debrief session of their PXT-Select. Why? Click Boarding states that nearly 90% of employees decide whether to leave or stay in the first 6 months of employment. Keep the talent you worked so hard to hire!

    Our debrief shows them how they can contribute to the group and become clear about their manager’s expectations and their own accountabilities. Reviewing how their strengths are going to contribute to their new position is a confidence-builder when they are feverishly trying to master the intricacies of a new technology or a new industry.

    As skilled facilitators and coaches, we take them through a debriefing process that reveals what behaviors, skills, and abilities are expected in their role… more enlightening than a traditional job description review. Their manager is included to come up with an Individual Development Plan that makes the first 90 days – a great new hire experience.

    Connected. Recognized. Included. Successful.

  • Evaluating & developing leadership skills

    What Leadership Skills are critical to the position or a future position?

    Creating a Vision --- Developing Strategies --- Ensuring Results --- Inspiring People --- Being Approachable --- Mentoring Others

    Discover each individual's Potential Strengths and Potential Challenges with customized interview questions.

    Excellent tool for Fit, Coaching & Succession Planning.