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Susan Hanson, President, Vero Solutions Inc. PXT Select Strategic Partner
Susan Hanson, President, Vero Solutions Inc.

Since 2000, Vero Solutions has provided online assessment sites and job fit assessment results to organizations of various industries and sizes, from 100 employees to 36,000 employees, world-wide. Current clients include: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Xerox, Golf Town, Moen, Pethealth, and Dalton Pharma.
Our clients report more efficient selection processes, better hires, improved retention, and improved morale using the objective, reliable and non-discriminating information provided by the PXTSelect assessment and other assessments available in their online Profiles site. Vero Solutions provides full-time customer support and a robust training program for ease of use and understanding of the results.

Testimonials For Vero Solutions Inc.

  • We have used the Profiles Assessments for over 10 years now. It has been an instrumental tool that has helped guide us in our recruiting process by helping us to choose the best fit candidate for the positions we are trying to fill. These assessments have been an important part of our HR tool kit. The Vero service has been essential to us.

    M. Kanaris, HR Director Dalton Pharma Services