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Lyndon Joost, Vice President of Vertical Performance - PXT Select Certified Professional

Vertical Performance is a collection of diverse consultants with extensive knowledge and practice in developing individual leaders and employees and building exceptional work teams. Our staff represents a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that make us uniquely suited to partner with private sector companies, government, education, and not-for-profit organizations - helping each to realize that within every organization is the collective potential to be exceptional.

We are in the business of transforming people and workplace cultures. We provide customized consulting services to a diverse clientele, employing a strength-based, participant-centered approach that results in high levels of engagement and exceptional results.

Our primary focus is people – their individual development, their interactions within an organization, and the importance of effective leadership. We genuinely care for our clients and want to help them, their people, and their organizations. We utilize PXT Select to help those organizations choose the best candidates for employment, identify potential managers and leaders within the organization, and assist supervisors in developing and coaching staff. PXT Select can also be an effective tool for developing a long-range succession plan.

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A Testimonial

Testimonials For Vertical Performance, Inc.

  • “Since the team-building workshop, the staff of Our World (Child Care & Adult Day Services) is seeking out more ways of pulling together to make the program even more of an exciting place to work… Your training is often mentioned, and has left a deep impression on our staff.”

    Margaret Mandley Program Director
  • “I want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to Unity Hospice…I looked around our leadership meeting yesterday and thought about how lucky I am to be working with this staff…Servant Leadership has helped us not only to serve our patients, but to serve each other as well.”

    Brenda McGarvey Volunteer Coordinator
  • “I have wondered to myself what makes their program so meaningful and have concluded that it is not so much their program, but THEM. They have an innovative approach that not only captivates the audience but also causes the participants to work cohesively.”

    Ms. Teresa Blomenkamp Principal
  • “As a leader I learned how to bring out the best in each staff member, to help each one reach maximum potential. When you have a cohesive team all working towards one vision, you become unstoppable.”

    Medical Office Manager


  • First, Get the Right People in the Right Seats – PXT Select™ Can Help

    We may be on the verge of a new normal. The economy is growing again. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Retiring baby boomers are creating job openings. Yet there seem to be fewer quality applicants for each of those openings. Now, more than ever, it is important to select the right candidates; who are the right fit and have the potential to grow with your organization.

    The resume and interview tell you what a candidate knows and what they have done. PXT Select™ fills the gap between those two - helping you to understand who the candidate is…how they think, how they tend to behave, and where their interests lie. As a powerful and validated selection assessment tool, PXT Select matches a specific candidate against a position specific performance model, and provides you with actionable data about the candidate in a very simple to understand format. It quantifies candidate fit, suggests targeted interview questions, help, you explore potential gaps, and interview more effectively.

  • Develop a Vision and a Strategic Plan For the Future

    Stephen Covey encouraged us to “Begin with the end in mind”. Who are you as an organization? Where do you want to be in the future? Does a core ideology drive what you do? Do your employees live your mission on a daily basis? Core ideology should inform, inspire, and drive every idea, plan and action within your organization. Vertical Performance can facilitate the process that will help your organization forge a path to core values, core purpose, mission, and vision. We can also assist you in articulating and implementing a strategic plan that truly takes your organization to the next level of growth and performance.

  • Enhance Your Work Culture

    Does the culture of your organization promote a collective commitment among your employees towards achieving organizational success? Does it help your leaders and managers nurture employee satisfaction? Workplace culture is the critical foundation upon which employee performance, growth, and morale are built. Employees who find meaning in what they do and experience gratification and recognition, can become powerful allies in any organization’s pursuit of excellence.

    Vertical Performance can help you purposefully build an organizational culture by cultivating ownership thinking among your “internal clients”… your staff. Let us help you create momentum and pivotal change.

  • Develop Your Individuals

    Employees naturally want to be part of a winning team. Vertical Performance facilitates that by helping individuals understand their role in the organization and its goals. We raise their awareness, and guide them to ownership thinking and full engagement, where they are better able to realize their full potential. Through assessment tools like PXT Select™, one-on-one coaching, Personal Enhancement Plans, and specific skill development we help move employees to a point where they are willing to give you their discretionary effort and help you move the entire organization forward.

  • Develop Your Leaders

    Do the leaders in your organization genuinely bring out the best in all your people? Do they know how? The essence of leadership is influencing people in a manner that sparks optimal performance, and recognizes and celebrates that effort. Great leaders develop others, creating a sustained legacy of leadership. Vertical Performance facilitates the process of building leadership from within. We provide one-on-one leadership coaching as well as group coaching for leadership teams. Through supervisory skill development and personal leadership plans, we can help your leadership team to reach their full potential.

    Here too, PXT Select™ can be an effective tool, to help identify the best internal candidates for management positions, to help leaders better understand how to reach and motivate their employees, and to help develop succession plans for filling key positions in the future.

  • Develop Your Team

    Have you tapped into the full, collective potential of your team? Vertical Performance is passionate about connecting work teams and organizations, raising their awareness, and guiding them to achieve their greatest collective potential. We design and facilitate innovative and engaging processes that nurture a sense of “team” and build a community from within the organization. Our consultants have a long history of using effective, engaging team building tools to remove barriers, close gaps, and get people really working together again.

    As a powerful tool for onboarding, development, and selection, the Team Report, created from the data you will already have from PXT Select™ assessments, can help you understand how a potential candidate might fit with your existing team. The same report can also help you gain insights into the culture, and address the dynamics and strengths, of your existing teams.