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Richard S. ("Dick") Melrose, President and CEO

Vision 21 provides strategic advisory services to clients as small as start-ups and as large as Fortune 25. Vision21's founder, Dick Melrose, developed the Universal Strategic Framework™ (USF™), based upon the profound Strategy & Tactic Tree insights of Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, author of the business bestseller, "The Goal".

Strategic Talent Management (STM) aligns Talent Strategy and Workforce Plan with Business Strategy and constitutes one of five high-level strategic outcomes which are individually necessary and collectively sufficient to accelerate value creation and capture in any business, regardless of size, scope, maturity or industry.

PXT Select assessment usage lays the foundation for STM, by providing a common language and shared data set for jobs and job holders throughout any organization, and thereby makes it possible to integrate HR practice silos.

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  • Complex B2B Sales Effectiveness

    Complex B2B sales environments have changed. The traditional salesperson must now confront a well-informed "buying process", at each prospect. Even long-time top salespeople may come up short of the skills they need to sell the prospect's buying team and "get the order" on favorable terms. Adam Smith gave us the answer to this dilemma in 1776 (“Wealth of Nations”). Through "division of labor", a team approach to sales can address each element of the buying process with specialists. PXT Select Performance Models facilitate redeployment of the current sales team into specialist roles, which better serve the individuals and the organization. Generally, the transformation from autonomous salespeople to support specialists reduces the number of salespeople needed by 80% and doubles the number of business development appointments that the remaining top 20% of salespeople can handle. See PDF for more details.

  • People Managers’ Advantage

    Front-line people managers constitute the points of maximum focus and leverage for organizational performance. As Peter Drucker wrote: “Management is about human beings. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.” To make that happen, routinely, people managers need information, knowledge, insights and direction, which they cannot easily collect or synthesize for themselves. Moreover, the majority of managers are miscast. According to Gallup research, “18% of current managers have the high talent required of their role, while 82% do not”. PXT Select enables any organization to dramatically increase its percentage of “high talent” managers and to equip each of them with the information, knowledge, insight and direction, necessary to manage their reporting relationships and their work group (team) performance, superbly. See PDF for more details.

  • High-Volume Selection Process Design

    Employee selection processes for high-volume positions like call center agents and retail associates deserve special attention. A selection process which delivers consistently better hires and does so for many new employees, compounds the values. Moreover, the nature of high-volume employee selection presents opportunities to save money, while filling positions more quickly, with better applicant experiences. See PDF for more details.

  • High-Impact Selection Process Design

    Employee selection processes for high-value positions like B2B Salespeople, Software Development Engineers, Brand Managers and future Business Leaders deserve special attention. These high-value positions typically exhibit outsized information processing demands, which lead directly to wide job performance variations from one individual to another. That puts a huge premium on being able to distinguish top performers from the rest of the field. PXT Select whole-person assessments do precisely that, by design ─ i.e. by comparing candidate scores directly to the range of scores exhibited by top performers in three measurement domains: cognitive ability, behavioral traits and occupational interests. With PXT Select, at the core of the selection process, employers can readily add other valid, job-related assessment combinations to achieve very high predictive validity for job performance and job learning. See PDF for more details.