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Win Miller

After a twenty-seven-year career at American Polywater, a specialty chemical manufacturer, Win Miller left to form a non-profit enterprise: Silver Sobriety, Inc. As Executive Director, Win has helped develop Silver Sobriety into a source of recovery for seniors.

Previously Vice President and General Manager of the Communication Markets Division at American Polywater, Win had profit and loss responsibility for those markets in the U.S. Win is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Polywater.

Over time, Win managed several parts of the business, including international sales, finance, accounting, information technology, plant operations, manufacturing engineering, product development, and even contributions to research. Win was part of a team that invented an anti-freeze gel system for protecting fiber optic cables from freezing in conduits, making him co-inventor of patent 5,385,688.

He holds an MBA from Harvard University, and a BA from St. John’s University in Minnesota.

“Family is a major focus of my life: my wife Nancy and I have two wonderful children, and two grandkids, who I play with as often as I can!

Win has been a director of a local community bank since 1988. He has also served on the Planning Commission for 10 years and the City Council for 12 years, two of those as Mayor.

“I maintain a small vegetable garden and a prairie wetland flower garden, fish, hunt and make maple syrup each year.”


  • PXT Select™

    As a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner, we offer a high quality solution that creates better hiring decisions, and lower turnover over time. PXT Select™ helps fill in the gap between the resume and the interview. It provides you with actionable data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help you to interview better and hire smarter.

    Using the latest innovations in assessment technology, PXT Select™ takes hiring and development to the next level. Combining 20 years of research with cutting-edge computer adaptive testing, PXT Select gives you a meaningful edge to hire the right candidates.

  • Progressive Recovery Coaching

    Progressive Recovery Coaching is a way to facilitate change in persons with substance-related problems, or their loved ones, by helping them Navigate treatment systems and Engage in treatment, by offering Accompaniment during recovery-related activities and Reducing Relapses by being available for “spot coaching” during times when the client reports being vulnerable to substance use.

    At the heart of progressive recovery coaching is an open and honest relationship between the coach and the client. Sharing and talking about thoughts, feelings and behaviors leads to better decisions about treatment alternatives, social relationships, and recovery activities.

  • Executive Coaching

    Executive coaching can help you see new opportunities, outside your old patterns of thinking and behavior.
    The goal of this professional relationship between coach and client is to enhance leadership or management performance and development.