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John McHUgh, Founder/CEO at Winning Workforce

John McHugh is an Interview Tutor and PXT Select™ Certified Professional. He Tutors hiring managers and owners to improve their Interview skills and offers PXT Select™ solutions to organizations across North America, to help them gain a competitive edge.

He has worked with hundreds of companies, in all shapes and sizes, to show how the right processes will land the right people in the right positions. John develops a deep understanding of each client’s business in order to advise, and restructure, if necessary, their employee hiring and management processes. This is his passion.

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Testimonials For Winning Workforce

  • I am a successful designer and have always been consulted for my creative talents. One of the keys to my success is that I spend quite a bit of my time focusing on the business side of my business, which is not necessarily second nature for us creative types. Working with John McHugh of Winning Workforce has enabled to me to get a better g

    Gale Peck Owner, Iceberg Creative
  • I am the consummate technician-turned-entrepreneur and while I’m excellent at the technical aspects of my work, I’ve never held a high opinion of my ability to screen prospective job candidates or make informed decisions about hiring employees. In the past, the hiring process has been so unnerving I’ve avoided it when at all possible. Working with

    Zach Mesel President, Wooden Spoon Technologies
  • John McHugh at Winning Workforce was very helpful in getting me to focus on what critical job factors I needed to evaluate in candidates for my Executive Assistant position. He coached me in how to identify and develop the critical job factors I need for my position and turn those factors into solid interview questions. Additionally, he coached me

    Lisa Orloff Executive Director, Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce


  • Hiring Tutor

    I am a confidential tutor to my clients helping them improve their interview skills. I show them how PXT Select™ assessments can fill in the gap between the resume and the interview by knowing in advance how a candidate will take direction, behave on the job and what parts of the job he candidate likes to do. All of which gives the client a clear understanding of how to onboard, and develop the candidate to their fullest potential.

Featured Skills

  • Job analysis of critical job skills
  • Developing a marketing message
  • Developing focused Interview Questions


  • Advanced Communication and Leadership certificates
  • Passed the PXT Select™ Certification Exam on 6/9/2017