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Redefine Monday!
Working in a great team - Monday is a great day!

Since 1995, YardeZone Inc. Business and Leadership Coaches have helped organizations thrive, grow and have fun achieving meaningful goals. Our clients define success by how they are able to find good people who fit their roles, fit in with their team, and fit the company's culture as demonstrated by how well they live the company's values.

That is how we help our clients "Redefine Monday". To our clients, Monday is a day that great things happen and great weeks begin!!

Scientifically valid and reliable assessments are at the heart of everything we do!

Assessments enable our clients to build great teams, one team member at a time! They provide clear direction for hiring Managers as they consider candidates for hire. The interview process is no longer a difficult and unpredictable process that too often needs to be repeated again and again because good interviewees do not turn into good employees. That negative cycle is instead replaced with interview processes that work!

Leaders are not only given all the tools they need to hire and promote people who have the highest potential to succeed, they are also armed with ”actionable data” that allows them to train and coach new hires and seasoned veterans. Leaders have the information they need to help their teams and their team members make effective contributions that lead to great results!

YardeZone’s Principals combine more than 75 years of consensus management and ownership experience. Their knowledge and expertise will help you identify what makes your business successful, and how you can make the changes that will make the greatest positive impact!

Let us help you “Redefine Monday”!

Testimonials For YardeZone Inc.

  • YardeZone has a major impact on many aspects of our business. One of the most powerful things they do is help all Managers develop the skills and a framework to greatly improve their individual performance and the performance of the entire team. We are a much stronger team and a more profitable company thanks to them. My Highest Recommendation!

    William J. Torres President & CEO, Gibbs
  • I can’t say enough good things about YardeZone. This is truly the best thing we’ve ever done. What’s really the most impressive, though, is the people, and the way they work with us. Everyone’s looking at the business now with a “what can we do to make things better” attitude” That's what I always wanted!

    Tom Filomeno President and Managing Partner, Filomeno & Company, PC


  • Improve Selection for hire or promotion

    PXT Select is a scientifically valid and reliable assessment that enables a company to select individuals for hire or promotion who will "fit their roles" more accurately and objectively.
    Without the benefit of the PXT Select, the interview process in most companies is dependent on some objective information about their skills and only subjective information about their overall fit for the role, the department and the company.
    Adding the PXT Select helps you select candidates who "fit"!

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership training and development begins with a scientific and valid assessment of the individual leader's natural leadership tendencies. Every leader first needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their natural leadership approach. Then they can learn to make choices that have the greatest opportunities to succeed.
    The PXT Select allows leaders to understand the impact of their leadership approach on individual members of their team as well as the entire team. Leaders are given actionable data on how they can improve their leadership performance.

  • Leadership 360 Perception Gap Analysis

    YardeZone has extensive experience helping organizations execute the CheckPoint 360 Perception Gap Analysis. This process is a powerful method to help Leaders discover the real impact of their leadership style. Leaders, their immediate Supervisor, their peers and their Direct Reports are all asked to provide their own confidential perceptions of a leader's performance in 18 universal leadership skills.
    YardeZone Coaches ensure this information is confidential and is used to enable a leader develop a plan for their own leadership growth. They will know what to keep doing, start doing and stop doing.
    This feedback is often the most impactful initiative in a leader's career.