If you want your people to S.O.A.R., Management needs to L.E.A.D.

About Us

Helping you hire, train and retain great people
Doug Duncan

Your HR Solutions provides information that enables business owners and executives to make better decisions regarding their people issues. We have developed a talent management and human resource platform to help organizations hire, train and retain great people. This human system is called S.O.A.R. You have built the operational, marketing and financial systems to run your organization. We build the human systems that improve the productivity and reduce turnover.

For more than 35 years Doug has been helping clients put their organizations and people in focus. His clients are in a wide variety of industries including painting contractors, auto recovery, supermarket, coffee service, dental, roofing, restaurant, hotels, insurance, manufacturing, technology, construction, architecture businesses and non-profit organizations. He has consulted for large best-in-class companies in the supermarket and insurance industries helping them to build their business and strategic plans.

Prior to founding Your HR Solutions, Doug held various senior HR management roles for a multi-billion-dollar supermarket and wholesale company. During his 18 years with that firm he oversaw human resources, international sales and strategic planning.

Doug holds a Master of Human Resources from Rutgers University and has served as President of his alumni association. As an adjunct professor at the College of New Jersey he has lectured in all areas of human resources and strategic planning. He earned his BA from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.

Doug has served on the board for the Institute for Arts and Humanities Education, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Rutgers University Alumni Association and as a trustee at his local public library.

The goal is to Increase your productivity and maximize your bottom line by solving your most challenging people problems.

The Human Side of Selection

Testimonials For Your HR Solutions

  • After 6 months our results have been incredible:. Our leadership team is invigorated again. We are implementing and successfully achieving our objectives. Office productivity is improving each month and over last year. We have reduced costs, increased profitability which is positively impacting cash flow. Our clients are noticing the difference.

    Ron Keys President, American Recovery
  • We become dependent on our employees and since working together with you, we have found a more dependable system for hiring and training. It has paid off with customers who recognize the quality of the people that work for us. Now I let my competitors hire the people I choose not to hire at my company.

    Brian Drucks; Drucks Painting
  • We have just completed the implementation of our Strategic Plan. This plan and process is one of the best grass root engineered strategy I have seen in my forty years in business. Our current focus has generated enthusiasm and ideas embraced by all. I believe we have broken through a cultural barrier I’ve been faced with for three years.

    Bernie Kenny; Kenny Supermarkets
  • Our associate turnover rate had been around 72%. In the past few years the rate was reduced to 49%, then to 34%, and now to a little over 20%. While some of this may be attributed to economic factors, there is no doubt in my mind that the bulk of this improvement is directly due to the programs we have developed with you.

    Bob Clare; Clare Supermarkets
  • The selection system for new hires has helped tremendously. Today our turnover rate has been reduced significantly (down as much as 30 %) and we do exit reviews to make sure that our day to day practices are in alignment with our goals. We know what to do to find and hire the people we need.

    Ray Rahni; PaintTrack


  • Your Hiring and Selection System

    Your HR Solutions provides the practical tools to help you hire, train and retain great people. You have built your operating, financial and marketing systems. We build the Human Systems to help you integrate all your other systems. It is your resource center to access and license dependable, low-cost HR solutions and technologies.

    Many organizations do not know the true cost of their HR strategies. With the cost of recruiting on the up rise due to a more competitive, aging applicant pool, the high cost of turnover and new employee training it is imperative that employers get a firm handle on what their HR Program costs. Discover what opportunities you have to drive a higher return on the money your invest on your human capital investments.

  • Staffing Solutions Overview

    5 Components of the Staffing System:
    1. ONEPOST job advertising: How to find the greatest number of qualified applicants for your jobs.
    2. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): How to quickly manage and qualify the applicants who do apply.
    3. Behavioral Assessments: How to know if the applicants are the right fit for your organization and your job.
    4. Compliant Background Checks: How to make sure the people you hire have the background they say they do.
    5. Managed Staffing Services: How to manage the recruiting so you only focus on candidates that meet your job criteria.