Our Story

People at the Heart of All Organizations

  1. How It All Began

    Our organization was founded in 1991 by two entrepreneurs in Waco, Texas. The company started under the name Profiles International® with the mission to help organizations across the world thrive by creating high-performing workforces. And so, our first product was born, The Profile. This product evolved to become our flagship product: ProfileXT®.

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    Profiles International
  2. Expanded Our Reach
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    Expanded Our Reach

    Thanks to a network of partners who share our vision to create high-performing workforces and strategic HR consulting expertise, Profiles International grew its global footprint. We expanded our portfolio of products to specialize in sales, customer service, and leadership roles—making us an internationally recognized assessment provider.

    Slowly, we also expanded our reach to offer enterprise solutions and grew our portfolio of direct clients through our exceptional team of account managers.

  3. Wiley Acquisition

    In 2014, John Wiley & Sons acquired Profiles International, and a new era began. Combining Profiles 20+ years of rigorous validation and Wiley’s research and publishing excellence, The PXT Select® brand was born.

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  4. Acquisitions
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    With an extended portfolio of products, continued scientific research, improved product design, and enhanced user experience—the PXT Select suite of solutions continues to give organizations worldwide a competitive advantage.

    Organizations can be confident when facing the most common employee-related challenges, from hiring and selection to leadership and succession planning, all thanks to PXT Selects' actionable assessment data.

Success Starts with the Right Hire

At PXT Select, our data-driven assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on job-specific traits most important to be successful. With PXT Select, hire the right people to build a better future.

Want to Learn More about Our Partner Network?

Just like when it all started, we are supported by a network of trusted partners that extend throughout the world, helping us transform our assessments into meaningful solutions.