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Empowering organizations to hire smarter: use scientifically validated assessments and actionable data to select the right people for the right job.

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Hire and Develop Sales Superstars

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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Without the right tools and the right data, making objective hiring decisions can be daunting. Especially now when many workplaces are remote, in person, or somewhere in between.

Woman viewing her PXT Select assessment results with a close-up graph of her behavioral traits results

At PXT Select, our data-driven assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on job-specific traits most important to be successful. Our scientifically validated assessments help reduce hiring bias, so organizations and people thrive.

Data That Complements Instinct

Making talent decisions based on a resume, an interview, or current job performance is not enough. Our assessments help organizations:

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Align on Their Talent Needs

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Interview Better

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Hire Smarter

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Retain Longer

PXT Select assessments help companies translate job requirements into measurable cognitive and behavioral traits to find the ideal candidates with the best fit for each role.

PXT Select® Streamlines the Hiring Process

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With over 30 years of research-validated assessments, your organization will have the tools necessary to hire, select, and replicate top performers—making the otherwise stressful selection process streamlined.

Best of all, our team provides product training and implementation support, ultimately connecting your business strategy to your people strategy.

With PXT Select, you’ll be able to increase both employee retention and satisfaction.

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Simplifies the selection process by reducing hiring bias.

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Increases productivity by replicating top performers.

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Decreases the cost of bad hires and increases employee retention and satisfaction.

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Improves employee engagement by ensuring good job fit.

Know Our Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, scientific research, and innovative technology, PXT Select assessments give organizations a competitive advantage by providing actionable data to face the most common employee-related challenges, including:

The Global Impact of PXT Select

30+ years providing expert solutions with PXT Classic and PXT Select, our most innovative solution.

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