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Without the right process or without the right tools, finding the right people for the job is tough. Learning about candidates from a résumé and an interview is usually not enough. Do they have the aptitude to get the job done? How will they behave in difficult situations? How will they work with their manager or on their team? Will the job motivate and inspire them to stay for the long haul? That’s why it makes sense to choose PXT Select™. Our powerful assessment helps organizations make smart hiring decisions. With PXT Select, you’ll be able to plan earlier, interview better, hire smarter, and retain longer.

Four Simple Steps to Hiring Great Talent

  • 1
    Know the Job

    Hiring managers and recruiters don’t always speak the same language.

    PXT Select can help get everyone on the same page so they know exactly who they’re looking for.

  • 2
    Know the Candidate

    Avoid hiring bias and decisions based on instinct.

    Gather powerful insights using candidate data from their PXT Select assessment results to determine who to advance in the selection process, and build hiring manager confidence with personalized interview questions.

  • 3
    Know the Fit

    Hiring the wrong person can be expensive.

    We help you objectively compare candidates against your chosen benchmark to understand if and how they fit the requirements of the job. You can also compare multiple candidates to see who might be a better fit.

  • 4
    Know Your People

    It takes effort to hire the right people; keeping them requires even more.

    Our full suite of reports helps managers ramp up new employees quickly and effectively. Develop bench strength by getting a full picture of how employees might fit future job assignments or opportunities.

Creating a Great Place to Work Starts with Hiring the Right People

How We Can Help You

  • Simplify the selection process.

    Hiring the right people means finding candidates who fit the job requirements. That’s where we can help. Tell us about your job, and PXT Select will tell you if the candidate is a great fit.

  • Replicate top performers.

    Once you identify which attributes distinguish the top performers in your organization, PXT Select provides target performance models so you can spot future hires who share common traits with your most successful people.

  • Retain your talent.

    Leverage the power of data to gain insight into your people’s strengths and opportunities related to their current job or future openings. It’s a great tool for onboarding, coaching, or filling open positions in your organization with existing employees.

  • Decrease the cost of bad hires.

    Bad hires are not only costly—they can also cause disruption, damage to morale, and reduce productivity. Even more, a really bad hire can infect others with bad habits around the company, causing widespread productivity issues.

  • Reduce hiring bias.

    Let’s be honest: we all have hidden biases that affect how we interpret information and make decisions. Building the right assessment into your hiring process helps reduce the hiring bias by applying a consistent approach to every candidate, no matter how dissimilar their personal characteristics, experiences, and education may be.

  • Cut down on turnover.

    Poor job fit is the number one reason employees leave their jobs. Ensuring your people have the natural talents to successfully perform the job they’re hired for can be a positive impact on performance and productivity. 

The Global Impact of PXT Select™

20+ years providing expert solutions with PXT Classic and PXT Select, our most innovative solution.

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    Assessments Taken
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    Organizations Worldwide
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    Authorized Partners
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