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PXT Select® Leadership Report

Hire the Right Leaders with the PXT Select Leadership Report

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Every leader has a unique approach to leading and managing others. The PXT Select Leadership Report helps you look beyond a candidate's leadership experience, so you can truly learn how an individual will guide their team and shape your organization.

With actionable data, you can understand leadership potential and make strategic decisions about the leaders you onboard to your team and how you help them develop to confront the complexities of a leadership role.

What Is the PXT Select Leadership Report?

The Leadership Report provides invaluable insight into a candidate's leadership potential and their approach to six essential leadership skills commonly required of organizational leaders. The six leadership skills include:

Creating a Vision

Ensuring Results

Being Approachable

Developing Strategies

Inspiring People

Mentoring Others

Instead of answering the question, "Can this person lead?" The Leadership Report is designed to help you understand "How will this person lead?" The report outlines how best to capitalize on the candidate's strengths and where to focus personal leadership development efforts.

How Does It Work?

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Create Performance Models

Create Benchmarks for Success

Before assessing an individual, our team of experts helps you develop performance models for the jobs you need to fill. A performance model is a benchmark you will compare individuals against to establish the degree of Job-Person Fit.


Assess for Job Fit

Schedule candidates online through our easy-to-use Assessment Center. Candidates receive a link and can complete the assessment online.

Create Performance Models

Receive Actionable Data

The system instantly scores the assessment and sends the requested reports to the hiring manager and anyone else who would like to view them. The reports will show the comparison between the Performance Model and your candidate’s traits. This will establish the degree of job fit. The hiring manager uses these results to screen the candidate or assist in the process of interviewing, selecting, and onboarding.

Download a Sample Report


PXT Select Leadership Report gives you insight into an individual's leadership potential and style. It measures how their thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests influence six essential leadership skills.







Additional Features

  • Contains practical information about the leader's style
  • Outlines the leader's potential strengths and challenge areas
  • Provides suggested interview questions and “Listen For” statements to help you navigate through the selection and promotion processes

Time to Take

Approximately 60 minutes. No proctoring or supervising required.

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