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Customer Service Profile™

Deliver Remarkable Customer Service Experiences


With so many similar products competing in the marketplace, customer service can ruin (or enhance) your brand reputation. With the Customer Service Profile™, you can hire and develop people with the traits and skills needed to excel in customer service roles.

The assessment helps companies maximize their brand recognition, minimize the cost of bad hires, and deliver outstanding brand experiences that positively impact the bottom line.

What Is the Customer Service Profile Assessment?

This assessment measures how well a person's customer service-oriented traits fit specific customer service roles.


It also helps you define what outstanding customer service means for your organization to ensure alignment and consistency in how customer service is delivered.

The assessment can be used for general customer service positions or tailored for specialized industries, such as hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail.

Customer Service Profile Helps You:

  • Get an objective look at the skills your customer service organization needs
  • Hire the right candidates for customer service roles
  • Improve client satisfaction by delivering the service your clients expect
  • Minimize the cost of bad hires by reducing turnover

How Does It Work?

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Create Performance Models

Define Your Gold Standard of Customer Service

With the help of a PXT Select expert, your organization creates a performance model and defines its gold standard for customer service. A performance model is a benchmark you will compare individuals against to establish the degree of job fit.


Candidates Take the Assessment

Candidates take the assessment online after receiving a link from the HR administrator or hiring manager. The assessment doesn’t require monitoring, and an individual can take it from any device with internet access.

Create Performance Models

Receive Actionable Data

The system instantly scores the assessment and sends the requested reports to the hiring manager and anyone else who would like to view them. The reports will show you a one-page summary of the scales measured and a detailed report to support the interview process. The hiring manager uses these results to screen the candidate or assist in the process of interviewing, selecting, and onboarding.

Download a Sample Report


Customer Service Profile measures job fit and alignment to your company's service perspective.


Individuals' Behavioral Traits

  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Focus
  • Tact
  • Conformity
  • Flexibility

Individuals' Proficiencies

  • Vocabulary
  • Numeric

Company Service Perspective

We can help you define your own gold standard of customer service.

The Company Service Perspective helps companies align internally on their best or “gold” standards for customer service. When internal alignment happens early in the process, it's easier to attract and retain people who live up to the organization's standards.

By using the Company Service Perspective, you'll have a clear roadmap to win customers' hearts and loyalty, maximizing your brand recognition and minimizing the costs of bad customer service hires.


Additional Features

  • Develop your unique company service perspective
  • Industry-specific versions, including hospitality, financial, healthcare, and retail
  • Creates performance models that are unique to each department or role
  • Multiple reports at no additional cost
  • Provides suggested interview questions to help you navigate through the selection process

Time to Take

Approximately 45 minutes

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