Hiring Successfully For Dummies, PXT Select® Special Edition

Successful hiring boils down to getting the right person in the right role, a concept called Job Fit. Our new eBook, Hiring Successfully For Dummies, PXT Select® Special Edition, is your guide to mastering the art of Job Fit, helping you make data-driven selection decisions that drive results.
Data can be a powerful tool to help your organization ensure it’s hiring the best person for every role, regardless of whether they are a new hire or an internal promotion. It helps hiring managers and business leaders quickly identify an individual’s attributes and matches them to roles based on the job-specific traits needed to be successful.
Download Hiring Successfully For Dummies to learn:

  • Why hiring with only your gut instinct is not enough
  • How to avoid bad hiring decisions and reduce hiring costs
  • How to reduce hiring bias to help build an equitable workplace
  • How to implement a scalable and proven selection solution that enhances organizational success

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