New eBook: Hiring Successfully For Dummies, PXT Select™ Special Edition

Nov 10, 2022 | 3 min. Read

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New eBook: Hiring Successfully For Dummies, PXT Select™ Special Edition
Hiring shouldn’t be a guessing game. Having the right people in the right job is critical for organizational success, yet too often hiring decisions fail to match the right candidate with the correct role.

Data can be a powerful tool to help your organization ensure it is hiring the best person for every role, but there’s a catch; data needs to be easy to interpret and amenable to today’s fast-paced hiring environment. Hiring managers need to be able to quickly identify which attributes are necessary to ensure a candidate is a good talent match for an opportunity, or in other words, if the candidate has a successful Job Fit. 

Our new eBook, Hiring Successfully For Dummies, PXT Select™ Special Edition, takes the guesswork out of hiring and is your guide to mastering the art of Job Fit.
Job Fit is pretty much what it sounds like—connecting people with job roles and environments where they can thrive, contribute, succeed, and perform their best. In more technical terms, the concept of Job Fit is the degree of compatibility between an individual’s personal characteristics (aptitudes, abilities, interests) and the characteristics that determine success in each job (what your organization needs).

Ensuring good Job Fit:
  • Reduces turnover and unnecessary costs
  • Improves your organization’s culture
  • Reduces biases that stand in the way of diversity and equitable workplaces
The key to ensuring Job Fit is creating consistent hiring processes that rely on objective and scientifically sound data. As with all business processes, you can't change or improve what you can't measure. First, you need to fully understand which attributes each role requires, then measure candidates to see who has those attributes. Only then will you have an objective look at the process. Using reliable data to complement your gut feelings and instincts will lead to better decisions and outcomes, ultimately leading to success.

Organizations succeed when they realize that strong performance and results come from their people. Studies show that proper Job Fit improves engagement and job satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity. Job Fit can be an organization's guide to understanding the core characteristics of their people and how to leverage their strengths to develop them and help them grow for the future.
Download Hiring Successfully For Dummies to learn more about just how costly it is to make a wrong hiring decision, why your gut feelings are not enough, how to create an equitable workplace by reducing unconscious bias, and how to make all this scalable within your organization.

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